Comparing agricultural policies of ZANU PF and the MDC Alliance: A quick look at the manifestos

As Zimbabweans brace themselves for what has been seen as a historic and inter-generational election, it is important to reflect on the political content of the policy positions of the main contesting parties. In this piece, I do a quick review of 8 key thematic areas concerning agricultural policy and rural development which are described in the political manifestos of the MDC Alliance and ZANU PF, the two largest political formations in the country. While I had access to the MDC Alliance’s full 106 page manifesto, I unfortunately could only get ZANU PF’s 23 page summary of its own manifesto. By corroborating the summary points with its current policy initiatives, I made an attempt to provide a more rounded picture of the ZANU PF policy thrust on agriculture. Whether this approach provides an accurate description of ZANU PF’s policy stance on agriculture will be open to debate, but I believe it will provide us a good starting point to make a more complete comparative analysis. You can access the comparison here.